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Failure Lessons

Stepping Stones for Innovation
Foredrag ved Ravi N. Margasahayam

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Innovation requires that you beyond the known into the unknown, where there may be trap doors and blind alleys. You’ve got to map the unknown. You map it by making mistakes and failures….Henry Petroski.

NASA is all about rocket riders taking moon shots on extraordinary projects and programs. From faster air travel, conquest of space, ability to humans to live and work in space, and robotic missions, were all made possible at NASA taking extreme measures of innovation. NASA has had its share of accidents, mishaps, near-misses and total failures. Using actual experiences, analogies and metaphors, this lecture examines the factors that drive innovation while describing mechanisms that lead to innovations. Of significance is on the importance of lessons learned from successful failures is highlighted to emphasize that fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of missing something are always there. NASA has overcome silent and hidden risks that might lead to project failure – and instituting a culture of creativity and grit. A leader needs to innovate or else will perish. These lessons can be applied to your career, life and making decisions.

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Ravi N. Margasahayam

M.S., M.B.A., VIP Tour Guide & Global Goodwill Space Ambassador and 2019 Solar System Ambassador, NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center

Dr. Ravi N. Margasahayam, currently serves as a VIP Tour Guide and an International Public Speaker for NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. He recently retired from NASA after a stellar career covering over 28+ years. Ravi supported or worked actively on over 100 Space Shuttle missions, launching 700 astronauts to Space. As a Co-Chair for Ground Safety Review Panel (GSRP), he ensured the safety of all Payloads and Science experiments from $5000 to $5 Billion-dollar payloads to the International Space Station. He was NASA’s expert on Rocket Launch-induced Noise and Vibration Technology. Ravi is the recipient of NASA’s prestigious Silver Snoopy Award for exceptional engineering and safety improvements. Ravi also as an international public speaker and official KSC tour guide for the Public Affairs organization. He has provided technical and historical tours to astronaut families, foreign ambassadors, government dignitaries, international visitors, and military officials. His multilingual ability, coupled with the knowledge of world cultures, and global promotion of NASA’s mission and vision, earned him the unofficial title of KSC’s “Global Goodwill Space Ambassador” from Dr. Roy Bridges, Astronaut and former Center Director at NASA Kennedy Space Center. He has traveled and lectured in 30+ countries and over 60+ universities globally. More recently, he was invited to write the last chapter in “Infinite Worlds” book on the last Hubble Space Telescope mission STS-125. His photograph standing on the ‘Moon Launch Pad” – Complex 39A, atop the Solid Rocket Booster’s Main Flame Deflector, is permanently displayed in a $100-Million-dollar museum dedicated to Space Shuttle Atlantis at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center (KSCVC).


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Fredag d. 13. September 2019

kl. 14.05- 16.00

Auditorium 42, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Bygning 303A, Matematiktorvet
2800 Kgs. Lyngby