UNF / Aktiviteter / 3. september 2019 • NASA Journey to Mars – Challenges and Technologies

NASA Journey to Mars – Challenges and Technologies

Foredrag ved Dr. Ravi Margasahayam

UNF Aarhus

Engineering interplanetary journeys is very complicated, so the exploration of Mars has experienced high failure rates, especially in earlier attempts to land on Martian soil. Roughly two-thirds of all spacecraft destined for Mars failed before completing their missions. And some that failed before their observations could begin. NASA has been successful in landing on Mars about seven times. The lecture will provide a very broad overview of the past mission to Mars from various countries around the world. As of 2014, there are two scientific rovers on the surface of Mars beaming signals back to Earth and five orbiters surveying the planet. To date, no sample return missions have been attempted for Mars, and one attempted return mission for Mars moon has failed. The presentation will highlight on-going status of many missions including challenges and technologies necessary to put humans on Mars.

Dr. Ravi Margasahayam er en gammel ven af UNF, og i samarbejde med VIA University College gæster han nu Danmark igen. Kom og oplev NASAs uofficielle rumambassadør, der med over 25 år bag sig altid har en god historie i ærmet. Der vil være rig mulighed for at stille spørgsmål til Ravi, f.eks. om hans tid i rumfærgeprogrammet, hans arbejde med den internationale rumstation og hans nuværende arbejde som 2019 Solar System Ambassador.

Foredraget afholdes i Ceres Auditoriet, VIA Campus C i Aarhus og er gratis for alle.

Hvis du kommer i bil til VIA Campus Aarhus C, er der en stor parkeringskælder med mange p-pladser til rådighed. Parkeringstaksten er 16 kroner pr. time.


Dr. Ravi Margasahayam

M.S., M.B.A., VIP Tour Guide & Global Goodwill Space Ambassador & 2019 Solar System Ambassador (JPL), NASA

Dr. Ravi N. Margasahayam was NASA’s expert on Rocket Launch-induced Noise and Vibration Technology. Ravi is the recipient of NASA’s prestigious Silver Snoopy Award for exceptional engineering and safety improvements. Ravi is also as an international public speaker and official KSC tour guide for the Public Affairs organization. He has provided technical and historical tours to astronaut families, foreign ambassadors, government dignitaries, international visitors, and military officials. His multilingual ability, coupled with the knowledge of world cultures, and global promotion of NASA’s mission and vision, earned him the unofficial title of KSC’s “Global Goodwill Space Ambassador” from Dr. Roy Bridges, Astronaut and former Center Director at NASA Kennedy Space Center. He has traveled and lectured in 30+ countries and over 60+ universities globally.


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Tirsdag d. 3. September 2019

kl. 19.00- 21.00

Ceresauditoriet, VIA Campus

Ceresbyen 24
8000 Aarhus C