Welcome to UNF!

Welcome to The Danish Youth Association of Science - UNF, Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening, as it's originally called.

UNF is an organisation for people with a particular interest in science. The purpose of UNF is to promote science to youth and give already interested youth an opportunity to get an insight into today's science which the school usually is unable to give. The level of difficulty is usually such that everybody who has passed at least the first year of high school (1.g in Denmark) will be able to follow the events with a reasonable understanding and outcome.

The members are equally divided into 3 groups - high school students, university students and "ordinary people" of all kinds with an interest in science, and of course, UNF is open to everybody with an interest in science.

Farewell photo of the 60 Nordic Forum 2003 participants from
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland


Lectures and field trips

We try to promote science in several ways, the main one being lectures and field trips. The lectures are held during the season - September to March/April - by volunteers from the elite of all fields of science in Denmark. The local universities supports us by lending us a lecture theatre whenever we need it. Usually, there are one or two lectures per week during the season in each branch, but every now and then a lecture is substituted by a field trip to some location of scientific interest. Examples of this could be research labs, factories, commercial R&D departments, for instance Novo Nordisk A/S. All administration and arranging of lectures and field trips is done by volunteers, usually students, who like to share their spare time with colleagues to promote their common interest.

We cover a wide range of subjects during a season - from Logic to Astronomy, Biology to Quantum Mechanics, Programming Languages to Medicine, Mathematics to Oceanography, Chemistry to Cybernetics, and from Environmental science to the more abstract subjects such as the philosophical basis of Science itself; cross-disciplinary subjects such as Mathematics in Music or Mathematics in Art are not uncommon.

The language spoken at the lectures is usually Danish, though we sometimes succeed in inviting a foreign researcher to hold a lecture in English.

More activities

Science Camps

Every summer since 2002 we have been organizing summer courses for highschool students in different fields of science, e.g. Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Mathematics and Game Development. Our Science Camps take place on universities in Denmark during one week of the summer holidays. The participants follow lectures, do practical work in advanced laboratories and go through an intensive social program - the perfect and yet very successful mixture for learning science in a different way.

Students from Norway and Sweden are also encouraged to participate. You can read more about Science Camps on sciencecamp.dk.

Collaboration: Summer Camp students building a
molecular structure with only one hand each

Membership and contact

Thanks to our generous sponsors, an increasing interest in UNF and a rising number of members, we've been able to keep the membership fee at a reasonable price. A membership card allows you to participate in all lectures.

UNF is located in København, Århus, Aalborg and Odense.

Welcome to all of you!

We encourage you to visit the homepage of the similar Nordic association in Sweden.

If you have any questions, please feel free to mail us. And please contact the committee on bestyrelsen@unf.dk for any international aspects.